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Supplements in Lakeville

It’s not surprising that many people don’t get the nutrients they need each day. From drive-thru dashes to microwaveable meals, processed “foods” are often the staples of many people’s diets. While we recommend shopping the perimeter of the grocery store to load up on fresh fruits, veggies and high-quality proteins, we also encourage supplementation.

Supplements may help with many issues, such as thyroid problems, sleep disturbances or inflammation. As everyone is different, Our Providers can provide customized recommendations.

Brands We Use

Our providers can get most products to the clinic in two days. We have a lot of supplements on hand, and can order more uncommon ones for patients who request those.

The other company is Apex Energetics. They carry many anti-inflammatory products and ones that support neurological and brain health.

We are not brand specific however; we want to have the best for patients. For certain conditions, we will strongly recommend supplements for patients as warranted or to significantly help with their care.

Supplements We Recommend & Why

In our state, we don’t have a lot of sun, and many people don’t absorb vitamin D well. Vitamin D is the most recommended supplement Dr. Jake carries. It’s affordable, easy to take, and helps with so many other biomolecular and physiological processes. It’s so important to ensure your levels are high enough.

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While many people consume bad fats, such as those found in fast food, they don’t always get enough good fats like fish oil. We feature a wide range of fish oil supplements. We can run some genetic testing and determine what exact composition of fish oil you need.

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Most of our immune system comes from the gut, so we want a first line of defense with that. There are three ways to help with gut health: a prebiotic, a probiotic and a postbiotic. Of those three, most people have heard of a probiotic, which is an encapsulated bacterial strain pill, so we start with that.

Then there are some things we can do on the front end that Dr. Jake equates to fertilizer that “helps the grass grow” and there are some things on the back end (short chain fatty acids) that help the biome of the gut long-term.

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Given the pandemic, many people are looking to fortify their immune system. We recommend vitamin C, elderberry and zinc, as they help the body’s immune system. Because they are generically antiviral, they may help prevent all types of viruses or bad bacteria.


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