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Ankle Injury Treatment in Lakeville

If you have an ankle injury, discover how chiropractic care may help.

person with ankle painStepping off a curb and rolling your ankle. Walking or running on uneven surfaces. At Family Chiropractic and Wellness we see many patients with ankle injuries with different causes. We want to help you heal so you can return to your everyday activities and sports.

What to Expect

Our Providers manage most ankle patients instead of their PTs, and their approach to care depends on what part is sprained. With most injuries, the ankle rolls out or the foot turns in. Why it happens that way is based on the biomechanics of how we walk and move, but also the anatomical structure.

Both of those make it more likely to have an ankle injury that way. If we have something where the foot is turned out or the ankle rolls in and there’s an internal sprain, those are more significant. Those are the wait and see cases that can take 6-8 weeks for recovery.
When we have a lesser degree of sprain, and the ankle turns in every case, it is different, depending on the severity of the sprain.

You have multiple ligaments outside, and there are three big ones: one that goes from the bump on your ankle (your lateral malleolus) and it goes down to your heel; and the front and back ligament that stabilizes the outer portion of your heel, so it depends on which one is damaged in terms of assessment.

Our Providers try to determine how to restore that. Studies have shown that adjusting the ankle and returning it to its proper alignment significantly reduces recovery time and helps healing occur much faster.

When Can I Get Back to Walking on the Ankle?

It depends on the nature of the injury and what you can do. Our Provider will ask you questions like:

  • What can you do?
  • Can you walk normally?
  • Can you bear weight?
  • Can you stand on your toes?
  • Can you rock back on their heels?

Our Providers help the patient weigh the risks versus the benefits. Being an athlete all through high school and college, Dr. Jake appreciated when doctors gave him that decision to make with his parents. What do you want to risk here?

For all his patients with outside ankle sprains, Our Provider’s home care recommendations are all the same: ice the ankle as much as possible. As a matter of fact, our providers tell patients whether they’re 12 or 20 to ice it a lot! “If you have an ankle sprain and can apply ice for 10-15 minutes every hour on the hour of your waking hours, you will significantly help your ankle heal faster,” said Dr. Jake.

Dr. Jake also tells patients about R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate). Before icing, lie with your ankle above your heart. When the ankle is elevated, he has patients do the capital A, B, and C with their ankle to tolerance. What that does is pump fresh blood; it creates movement and restores normal proprioception. So the brain is thinking about that area more and focused on it more to try to help it heal as much as possible.

For insignificant ankle sprains or when there’s a muscle component (in his clinic, we also do muscle e-stim on a patient’s ankle), Our Providers advise patients to use a TENS unit at home. That’s because by helping the muscle heal faster, you restore normal joint function and help stabilize the ankle quicker.

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