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About Family Chiropractic and Wellness

Dr. Jake Filkins grew up just a half-hour from the Twin Cities in Prescott, Wisconsin. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota. To earn his chiropractic degree, he attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington. When it was time to begin practicing, Dr. Jake and his wife, Brittany, decided to explore her hometown area. Lakeville is exactly where Dr. Jake always thought he would be. Family Chiropractic and Wellness was originally started in Apple Valley more than three decades ago. It was then taken over by the Olsons, who moved the location south. Our chiropractic care center has been here since 2011, conveniently located at the corner of Dodd Blvd and Cedar Ave.

Your Corrective Care Specialist

Dr. Jake is a corrective care chiropractor. When you become a patient, he wants to address any pain you’re in and get you relief. His other goal of equal importance is to make sure that you can stay out of pain. Once your initial complaint has been resolved, we’ll make a plan to ensure that it doesn’t return. In doing so, you’ll be able to participate in all the activities you love.

The Power of a Balanced Nervous System

Dr. Jake welcomes everyone in our community to our office. One of his favorite patients was on the autism spectrum. After an examination, Dr. Jake identified improper curves in the patient’s spine. Over the course of six months, he made corrections. For the first time, this 20-year-old was able to do things for himself like make breakfast and play games with his family. You might wonder how chiropractic can have such a profound impact. We work with the nervous system, which has two parts: sympathetic and parasympathetic. Your sympathetic nervous system is like the gas pedal, which kicks in when you’re working out or stressed. Your parasympathetic nervous system is the brakes. You need it to calm down, take a nap or relax. These two systems should be in balance. With autism spectrum, sensory processing, anxiety, depression and more, it’s like the gas pedal is stuck. Their body isn’t using the brakes to slow down. What we do is return the balance to your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Your body can then return to its normal state.

Getting Back to a Healthier You

We’ve seen numerous patients whose spinal curves needed to be reversed. They’ve gone from being in constant pain to having no discomfort. Another patient of Dr. Jake’s was a man who was suffering from daily headaches. As a property manager of a day care, he certainly didn’t have the luxury of quiet while he tried to cope with the pain. After three months, his headaches were reduced to once a week. A few more months of care left his condition completely resolved.

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