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Chiropractic Care

The good news is that the solution to the problem is already inside of you. Our Providers job is to correct your subluxation and restore your body’s God-given abilities.

Commonly Seen Conditions

There is a myriad of issues that can respond well to chiropractic care. Some that we see most often include


Our Providers are primarily hands-on chiropractors. The technique they use most often is called Diversified, which is light and noninvasive. If you have a mobility issue or are in an acute situation, you may benefit from our Drop Table. The instruments we use include the Activator® and the ArthroStim®. With these instruments, there is no cracking or popping.

With every patient, we’ll adapt what we do to what works for the individual. This approach includes children, which require far less force to adjust than an adult would. We’ll look at your condition and goals before deciding how to adjust you.

Massage therapy addresses the soft tissue in the body. If you’re stressed, you likely carry much of the tension you have in your muscles. Our massage therapists perform myofascial release, deep tissue and other techniques.

Physical therapy offers a range of treatment options including trigger work, muscular therapy, Kinesio Taping®, instrument-assisted soft tissue work, cupping and low-level light therapy. Each is designed to reduce your inflammation and tension levels in your body.

As a part of your chiropractic care, Our Providers may recommend additional therapies. These include soft tissue work, electrical muscle stimulation, intersegmental traction and low-level laser. Before starting, he’ll explain what he thinks is best for you and why.

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