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Postural Correction in Lakeville

If you have posture-related issues, discover how chiropractic care may help.

patient xrayFrom working eight or more hours a day at home on our computers, to texting on our smartphones, we’re often in a forward head posture position that can wreak havoc on our body. “Not only are we addicted to these digital devices, but the reality is that most of our life is spent on them, and our bodies aren’t built like that,” said Dr. Jake.

We’re built to stand up, walk, move, chase, hunt, and gather. “When we become statues and sit at a desk all day, that changes our lower half posture and our upper half posture,” he added.

As Our Providers see the impact of poor posture on their patients, and the need for postural correction, we are motivated to help them change their life, their weight, and their blood. Posture could always be better.

Before postural correction can be made, Our Provider takes posture pictures of patients, so we can answer the following to determine where the problem lies:

  • Is it the ribcage?
  • Is it the shoulders?
  • Is it just the head?
  • What’s going on with your lower half (your lumbar spine and your pelvis)?
  • Where are the muscle compensations?

We have an upper cross and lower cross. If you look at somebody from the side and draw two crosses (one by their shoulders and one by their hips), the reason it’s called an upper cross is because of our normal posture. The front part of our neck is very loose because our head is always forward, and our rhomboids or the muscles between our shoulder blades get loose because our shoulders are rounded or forward.

“So one line of that cross is weak, and because we’re leaning forward, I try telling patients to think of every cartoon grandma character with a walker, where their mid back is bent in half, but their neck is looking ahead of them,” said Dr. Jake.

The base of our skull gets very tight, and also because our shoulders are rounded forward, our pecs get really tight. That’s the other side of the cross, so if you make an x, one line of the x is weak and weak, and the other side is tight and tight.

The same is true when we sit all day, because when we sit, we don’t engage our glutes properly. Because we don’t engage them and we’re sitting, we don’t engage our core. As a result, the buttocks and abs of our core become extremely weak.

Because we’re sitting, our femurs or our thighs are closer to our trunk, which is why our hips get tight. And because we’re sitting and our core isn’t engaged, we engage our lower back. That’s why so many people have pain where their neck and shoulders come together, because that area is extremely tight.

That is why so many people have low back pain, because they sit all day and are often overweight, which is why their lower back is stressed. “I always like to say that a chair has four legs and we have two. If God wanted us to sit all day, He would have given us four legs like animals,” said Dr. Jake.

Can I Combine a Posture Check With a Visit for Another Complaint?

Yes. For example, if you have low back pain, we will take a posture picture of your body to determine what is happening. For somebody with neck pain, it’s the same thing. If someone has shoulder pain, odds are they probably have poor posture, so we will evaluate how that is or not, and to what extent their poor posture is related to whatever their chief complaint is.

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