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Sports Chiropractic in Lakeville

Would you like to get more out of your athletic performance? Do you have a child in high school or middle school that participates in sports? We can help optimize their body so that they function at 100% capacity. While we can assist in injury recovery, we can also minimize the risk of injury taking place.

Why the Nervous System Matters

You might wonder why, as doctors of the nervous system, we focus on improving your athletic performance. What we do is make sure that your joints have a full range of motion, you have the proper gait and the movements you make are aligned as they should be. We can check for the muscular imbalances that cause incorrect posture. All of these factors can contribute to your risk of injury. By checking them, you’ll have the best possible chance at staying healthy.

When your nervous system functions at its full capabilities, your muscles can fire better and you can react quickly. Under chiropractic care, your body will be free from interference. You’ll be ready to move and compete at your complete potential.

If you or your child are already in pain from a sports injury, we can rehabilitate it at our office. Pulled muscles and ankle sprains are just a couple of the most common injury types we see. We’ll adjust your spine, extremities and perform supportive therapies to get you back into the competition as quickly as possible.

Whether you casually walk on the weekends or compete at a higher level, you can benefit from what we do. Our patients include athletes from baseball, football, wrestling, volleyball, golfing, hockey and more. Dr. Jake has had the privilege of working with every single MSHL sponsored sport as well as synchronized swimming, figure skating, and many other activities.

With our proximity to five major high schools, we see numerous students in middle and high school.

As a part of the new patient process for athletes, we perform functional movement screenings (FMS). The FMS involves a set of strength and flexibility testing. Though you may not have any symptoms, FMS allows us to see where there is a break in the chain link of your movements. We can restore the broken area so that your body can operate at 100%.

Outstanding for sports-related injury or overuse. My son was back to normal in no time!
– Caden F.

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