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Supplement of the Month: October


Elderberry Syrup/Fruits & Greens

Support for Your Immune System

I regret to inform you that the famous motto of the House of Stark is now a reality:

“Winter Is Coming”.

In FCW’s world, that means cold and flu season is coming!

While elderberries have numerous benefits, we are going to be focusing on their viral and sinus components. Before talking about the benefits of elderberries, let us first discuss the background of immunology. Countless viruses and harmful bacteria circle all around our bodies; this does not mean we are sick or contagious. To become contagious (or sick), a virus needs to enter one of our human cells to essentially destroy it and use that cell to transfer its information to other human cells; rinse and repeat. If a virus is in our body but hasn’t entered any cell, then we are contagious. Most of the mechanisms of elderberries and NutriDyn’s Fruits and Greens are centered around this. Elderberries have a pigment called anthocyanidins; this is what makes them purple (also found in red onions, tomatoes, blueberries, etc.) Additionally, this pigment has naturopathic benefits, including anti-microbial effects, which work by damaging bacteria’s cell walls and membranes to allow our immune system to better attack them. Anthocyanidins also suppress cell proliferation (the replication and creation of tissue), suppress inflammation, and promote cell apoptosis (bad cell destruction). All of this works together to make it difficult for viruses and bugs to spread about our body if we become a host, meaning viruses are in us but not spreading amongst our cells.

Elderberries also have a phytochemical property that prevents viruses from entering the cell. Since I started talking about Game of Thrones above (for the record: I have not seen a single episode), this is the “The Wall” of the North. The phytochemicals coat our cells so that virus cannot begin the replication process.NutriDyn’s Fruits and Greens also provide support during cold and flu season and really all year long. The most significant boost comes from over 20 servings of fruits and veggies in one tasty drink. But specifically, all flavors of the Fruits and Greens have superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to help support the immune system. After all, most of our exposure to the outside world comes through our gut. All of this will also naturally alkalize the body. If we think back to high school chemistry and pH, the food we eat (and our body) is made up of acids and bases. To increase acid would be to acidify, and to increase base would be to alkalize. All viruses and bugs love acid states, and what makes acid? SUGARRRRRRRRR……. By alkalizing the body, we create a more hostile environment for viruses, bacteria, and other bugs to flourish.

Elderberry syrup is something my family takes every single day. Additionally, I use Fruits and
Greens for the days that I haven’t made the greatest meal decisions and/or feel a little run down.

As always, ask me if you have any questions about our supplements so I can give you a predictable, long-winded answer.

To your health,
Your family’s in good hands with our family.

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