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Get Natural Relief for Your Neck Pain

girl tired using phoneWhether we’re surfing on our tablets or texting on our smartphones, technology is here to stay. The problem is we even see neck pain in teenagers due to technology use. Why? When using devices, most people are looking down at their phones. That action can cause severe subluxations in the spine and the neck stops moving the way it should.

When Dr. Jake texts, he puts the phone in front of his face versus looking down at it, even though his wife constantly makes fun of him.

The Role of X-Rays

At our office, we do motion X-rays. When looking at an X-ray, we are looking to make sure someone is a good candidate for chiropractic care. Through the X-rays we can show somebody what neck bone is moving and which bone is not moving. For example, X-rays also can show if a bone is functioning at 50% of what it’s supposed to be doing and a bone that isn’t functioning at all.

Repetitive use over time, even if small micro traumas can be just as detrimental as one big significant trauma. Dr. Jake wants to make sure a person’s neck is stable before he adjusts them.

How Chiropractic and Exercises Can Help

Your spine is the most important structure in your body, and it was designed to move. That’s why it’s crucial to get adjusted and make sure the bones are in proper alignment. Movement is also vital. Dr. Jake recommends that people do chin tuck exercises at home. Engaging those neck muscles is important because they can get lazy due to too much tech time.

To perform the exercise, lie on the floor and attempt to push your chin into your neck for a 2-3 second hold. Repeat 20 times. If someone does that every single day, over time, that will strengthen the muscles that are on the front side of their neck. That, in turn, should help stabilize the region and help their neck feel better because they have a stronger core of muscles holding their neck up.

If you have neck pain, contact us today to book an appointment.

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