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Do You Get Frequent Headaches?

April showers bring Family Chiropractic and Wellness referrals! That’s a different topic you can talk to one of our wonderful ladies up front about.

man touching his temples with headache painYou all know that I am one of those weirdos who loves winter and the cold. If you are one of the lucky patients that have seen all three providers throughout the history of this practice (Asbel Chiropractic, Olson Family Chiropractic, and Family Chiropractic and Wellness), you have heard me tell you that I am never going to leave you for Florida. All of that to say, I am getting sick of 20 degrees and snow and sleet. I am rarely a person who gets headaches, but this weather is giving me a headache.

I decided this makes for a good time to discuss headaches and some of the supplementations that we can incorporate to support our body. Headaches are complicated because there are lots of types and triggers.

  • Types: tension, cervicogenic, migraine, cluster, sinus, and many more
  • Causes: posture, muscles, alignment of the cervical spine, hormones, stress, dehydration, addiction, your March Madness bracket busts (why, oh why, would I ever pick Iowa!)

For the types of headaches that are not tension or cervicogenic, Migra Eze and Magtein are beneficial to help support the brain, cerebral circulation, and overall cognitive health. Typically for cervicogenic or tension headaches, this supplementation is not as helpful because the primary cause is coming from the neck as opposed to the brain.

Magtein is a patented type of magnesium. Magnesium has a calming result in the body and is something that is used in a lot of muscle supplementation and even in recovery type drinks. There is only one type of magnesium that can actually cross the blood-brain barrier and that is why we recommend Magneium L-Threonate (Magtein). Magtein can help support the synapses of your brain—think of these as the telephone wires of your brain—without overstimulating the brain. Overstimulation has the possibility of increasing headache-type symptoms.

Migra Eze contains magnesium as well, but magnesium citrate which can alleviate the stress our muscles experience from being in pain. The herbs that are in Migra Eze (ginger root powder, feverfew, butterbur root and ginkgo biloba) work synergistically to promote cranial vascular health. As discussed earlier, there are a lot of triggers or causes to headaches. Migraines are a very complex type of headache. If there is a lack of blood flow or a vascular issue contributing to headache symptoms, Migra Eze will help regulate that.

Overall, avoiding any known triggers such as reducing screen time or, if that is not a possibility, using blue light lenses, and trying to adhere to proper posture while using technology are great ways to reduce the likelihood of most types of headaches while at home.

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