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Discover Drug-Free Relief From Low Back Pain

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“Sitting to me is like going to the dentist and saying all you eat is sugar. Sitting rots out your spine,” said Dr. Jake. “While we inherently know that sugar is bad for us, we don’t automatically know that sitting is terrible for you,” he added.

According to Dr. Jake, 80 percent of Americans are sitting for at least 80 percent of their day. Those studies typically don’t account for driving time. So, for example, if you have a long commute and a desk job, you could conceivably be sitting for 10 hours a day! No wonder so many people experience low back pain. After all, the low back is what bears most of our stress. When we sit, we unhinge our hips and pressure goes where our low back is, and we’re very static there.

Why Movement Matters

Our discs need to move to stay functional, and our spine was made to move. When pressure increases on a disc, through osmosis, more pressure will cause water to leave the spinal disc. What then can happen as those discs lose their water is they tend to shrink and dehydrate. When that takes place, the beginning stages of degenerative disc disease start.

Tips for Staying in Motion

  • Buy a donut cushion to sit on. Doing so enables you to engage your core, which allows you to move your pelvis.
  • If possible, take a two-minute break every hour. Get up and take a lap around the office.
  • Use an adjustable standing desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout your workday.

Perform the Brugger Relief Position

If you do have to sit for part or all of your day, try performing the Brugger Relief Position, which can help with posture. Put your elbows at 90 degrees right next to your side. Your arms will be making an L. Take a deep breath in. As you pull your head back, pretend that you’re pulling a rope apart with your hands. This is something that can also help with neck and upper shoulder tension while on the computer.

This exercise opens the chest up to get more air to flow in. It also reduces tension in the back part of the neck and shoulders.

Of course, getting regular chiropractic adjustments is one of the best ways to prevent and address low back pain.

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