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Banish That Work-From-Home Back Pain

Woman with back pain in home officeWhether we’re couch slouching, setting up our workspace in the closet or making calls from a card table, the pandemic-forced work-from-home scenarios can wreak havoc on our backs.

Pelvic Brim Pain

We see pain that’s not sharp or pain that travels but what Dr. Jake calls pain in the pelvic brim. This refers to a band in the back, slightly below where your belt line is. Both sides are equal and it feels really deep. This pain occurs due to sitting all day. Because we are sitting so much, our lumbar erector-the muscles that are attached in the low back-are becoming overactive because they have to contract constantly.

The reason why that happens is when we sit we don’t have to engage our glutes or our core muscles so our low back erectors engage instead. Eventually, they become fatigued because they’re not built to do that round the clock.

Once the low back erectors fatigue they lose their function and that’s what causes this back pain.

Actions to Take to Relieve Your Pain

You don’t have to pop OTC medication to relieve your back pain. Here are some easy things to do at home to get relief naturally:

  • Sit on a yoga ball chair which makes you engage your core. By doing so you’re giving your low back a break as sitting on the chair will make you hold your posture better because you can’t slouch on it.
  • Get up and walk around. Whether it’s taking your dog for a short stroll or going up and down your stairs, movement can help your back.
  • Stretch more. We can provide you with some beneficial stretches that can help you get relief from your back pain.
  • Take anti-inflammatory supplements such as turmeric or ginger.

Get Adjusted and Massaged

As back pain experts, we can help you get relief through a chiropractic adjustment. We can make sure your pelvis is aligned. We also offer massage therapy and intersegmental traction. Getting on our wobble chair that pivots is helpful too. Using the chair will force you to engage your core and lengthen tight muscles.

We want to help you get relief from your back pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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